Monday, 20 February 2017

Betty Makes Tea Cups

The first in a series of posts - a 'guided tour' through Betty's Bubble and the things I make.

These are fabric tea cups, usually made with heavier-weight fabric so that they hold their shape. Each one is hand cut and then stitched on a sewing machine. The handle is attached by hand and then the cup is stitched to the saucer and a spoon is added. I sold quite a few of these at Autumn fairs last year so I'll be making more in the near future. They can be made with fabric of your choice to match or contrast with your colour scheme. Put a jar in and fill with flowers, use them to hold whatever you like - jewellery, cotton reels, buttons, serviettes, keys or special things (anything except hot, liquid tea!). They're great for posting as they squash down flat.
A quirky gift for someone special or a funky decorative item for yourself. Bx

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