Saturday, 25 February 2017

Betty Makes Pockets In A Frame

Magic In My Pocket - Pockets In A Frame.

A felted wool fabric pocket mounted on linen in a frame with vintage text - these are 'So Well Remembered' or 'The Hopeful Heart' but the text can be changed for you. Take one to a special celebration, ask all the guests to write their wishes on pieces of vintage paper (these are provided with the frame) and then give as a gift at the end of the day. Fill with memories of a special holiday, person or time and you'll have those thoughts to read and remember whenever you like. You can put small items of ephemera in the pockets - tickets, photographs, charms, jewellery, letters... A special, individual and personal gift for someone close to you or for yourself. A lovely gift for Mothering Sunday - fill with messages from the family, drawings, photographs, or fill with memories of a very special person. Bx

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