Thursday, 4 August 2016

Betty's Bubble Workshops

What a lovely time I had at Cowslip Summer Fair - two days of lovely people, amazing creations and a fabulous setting. Here's some exciting news! Over the weekend, enough people expressed an interest in a workshop to make it something that I'm now trying to arrange! Of course, it's open to others in the South West, too! My initial plan is to offer a Memory Pocket Book workshop. If you'd be interested in that, please message me (via Facebook or and let me have a rough idea of where you'd be coming from - I'm aiming to try and arrange a venue that's central to those who'd like to come and then I can work out the cost based on the hire of a hall etc. There's no firm commitment at this stage! Please also keep an eye on my Facebook page, the Events page on my website and on this blog for information and updates. If you don't want to do a Memory Pocket Book workshop but would like to be kept on the list for any future workshops, please let me know. If this goes well, who knows where we could do a workshop next!