Friday, 29 April 2016

Memories In My Pocket

I've been wanting to create these for a while now.
When my mum was waiting for me to be born, she read a book called 'The Country Child' by Alison Uttley. An extract from that was in a book that I loved as a child - 'Magic In My Pocket'. I love pockets and always seem to have a collection of things in them - shells, toffees, tiny keys, scraps of paper, threads, old buttons and fabric.
A felted fabric pocket mounted on linen in a box frame with vintage text - 'So Well Remembered'. 
The frame can be free standing or hung on the wall. 
Memories (written on paper or small items) can be kept safely in the pocket. 
The text can be changed - the pocket could be used for good wishes at a wedding, birthday or any special occasion, memories of a person, place, holiday or time. 
Pockets can be made with fabric of your choice. 
A pocket full of memories, hopes, dreams and love.
Betty x

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