Friday, 29 January 2016

In Betty's Bubble

On a rainy, windy day in Betty's Bubble, the guided tour begins…


These three lovely vintage dolls are a new addition this week. They may become brooches or bag decorations or they may stay with me because I think they're great!

Some of my tiny treasures, displayed in an old printer's tray. The little hand mirror was given to me when I was a child, the china cradle was on my christening cake and there's my first silver ring, bought for me over thirty years ago by my mum. 

These patterns belonged to my mother-in-law. 

Wooden toys from a school reading scheme in days long gone.

And here's the room (my Bubble) where I do all my creating!

I keep pattern pieces that I've made on the ceiling - it's a room up in the eaves of our barn! I love the window; I can look up to the sky - and the light's perfect for stitching.

I have so many vintage books!

I've spent many happy days in The Bubble through the winter - it's been so wet and windy outside! Now, I'm getting ready for my first fair of 2016 which is in two weeks time - the Tavistock Vintage and Textile Fair on February 13th in the Town Hall. 

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