Friday, 28 August 2015

Betty's Frocks and Bags

A great couple of days! This morning, I finished off an order for Memory Bags for two boys - I'm really pleased with them! They're ready to be filled with all sorts of treasures from their adventures as they grow up.

I spent some time packing up and sending a website order - I really loved and appreciated the "all lovely" response this morning.

 I also tried out a new Dottie Angel pattern with some fabric I've had stashed away for a while. I love the vintage feel and especially the pockets, but I had to tweak the pattern to put the tie at waist level - not the right fit for me, otherwise. I'm planning on using it as an over-dress, so I'm looking forward to trying it out! Next time, I'll try using contrasting fabrics for the pockets and binding (I had a go at making that myself for this dress) and I'll also make the neck line narrower, although I like the fact that whatever colour's underneath will show.

Lastly, I've enjoyed a couple of blogs and websites - I'm loving 'The Makings Of Mrs Bertimus' (she was also very kind and put some pictures of Betty's Bubble things at Cowslip Summer Fair on her bog) and 'Clarity and Blur' - Tina Gilmore's site (I love her shop in Montgomery).

What next? I'm thinking about a new idea using tiny vintage tins and maybe a trip to the Antique, Vintage and Decorative Fair at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground this weekend to search for some more treasures...