Thursday, 2 July 2015

Betty's New Products!

Six new Figure Brooches have been uploaded to my website. They were stitched in Leipzig when I went to the Bach Festival recently. Sewing happened in the churches that Bach worked in, Mendelssohn's house and the oldest coffee house in Europe, frequented by Wagner and Schumann - so these girls have music in their hearts! The girls have vintage text pinned to their dresses - it can be changed if you like. They're mounted on vintage Ladybird Reading Scheme Flashcards. I've also made and uploaded some Memory Heart Lockets - a silver-plated locket containing a tiny role of vintage text tied with hand spun, naturally dyed wool, on a ribbon and cord necklace. The text may be changed if you wish and other tiny memories may be added - pictures, pieces of fabric, flower petals and other things. Keep your wishes and memories close to your heart. and Betty's Bubble on Facebook

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