Saturday, 4 July 2015

Carnglaze Caverns Crystal and Craft Fair

At the Carnglaze Caverns Crystal and Craft Fair today. The first challenge was to rig up a 'drip shelter'! We were in the Rum Store and the weather this week has resulted in a great deal of moisture which was dripping down a great deal (a bit of a worry when all your things are textile and paper based!). So, four bamboo canes and one plastic sheet later, a solution was found! The dampness meant that I didn't display as many things as usual so the stall looked a bit different but on the whole, things stayed reasonably dry. I was also able to join Caroline on a great tour of the Caverns at the end of an enjoyable day. The Fair is on again tomorrow, 10am till 5pm. I was able to spend some time finishing some new pendants using vintage book images under glass cabochons - more news on those soon!

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