Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Betty's Leipzig Brooches

Back from a great trip to Leipzig in Germany, with fabulous music at the Bach Festival. Six new brooches made while I was there - stitched in two churches that Bach worked in, at the oldest coffee house in Europe and in the garden of Mendelssohn's house.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Betty's Memory Pocket Brooches

I've finished a new collection of Memory Pocket Brooches. They're made with a vintage key, vintage button and a piece of vintage text. In the pocket is a feather and a vintage photograph. The text and the contents of the pockets can easily be changed to make a special, personal gift. All 13 new brooches are available on my website. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Limited Edition 'Flowers With A Message' Brooches Finished And On The Website!

All fifty of the limited edition 'Flowers With A Message' brooches have now been finished and uploaded to the website. I'm really pleased with them. Some are also available from The Upcycled Home Co (The Barrow Centre, Mount Edgcumbe) and Devonport Live Cafe Venue (George Street,  Plymouth). They've been made with vintage silk embroidered flowers and have the meaning of the flower on the tag. Inside, piece of vintage paper ephemera is pinned on. They won't be repeated once they're gone. I'm now making more Pocket Brooches as I'm out of stock of those at the moment. They'll be ready for the next fair on 4th/5th July at Carnglaze Caverns. I'm really looking forward to that - such a fantastic venue!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Betty's Vintage Teacup Pincushions

A limited edition of 6 pincushions has been added to my website. They're made with vintage Royal Albert Crown China teacups in the 'Lovebirds' design. They're finished with a teaspoon, matching pins, orange thread and vintage buttons on orange and black.

New stock at Devonport Live Cafe/Venue in Plymouth

Today, I delivered lots of new stock to the Devonport Live Cafe/Venue in Plymouth. It's a really great space with lovely things created by very talented people. A new make sneaked in to the collection - more on the teacup pincushions soon!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Flowers with a message

The last of the 'Flowers With A Message' book brooches are nearly finished! These are the last flowers to be identified and researched. There's a limited edition of 50. They'll be uploaded to the website very soon. Some are also available in The Upcycled Home Co at Mount Edgcumbe.