Sunday, 11 January 2015

January Ideas

As I was walking along the lane today, I began thinking about what I could do with the Ladybird Book covers that are left after I've used the pages to make cards. By the time I'd got home, I'd seen snowdrops out, the first two daffodils of the year and I had a plan! I neatened the internal spine by trimming and covering it and then added a notebook. So a new product was created today. Walking along the lane, even when it's cold and blustery, is good for thinking things through! I was also thinking about the fact that, when people buy things from Betty's Bubble, the purchase usually helps a charity as I buy so many things from charity shops or sales in aid of a local cause. I source all the vintage books I use that way and a great deal of fabric and vintage blankets and lace. I'm really pleased that the enjoyment of my creations also helps others.

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