Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The last craft fair of the year has come to an end. I've been so pleased with the positive way in which my things have been received. It'll be so great on Christmas Day to imagine people opening things that I've made. I have a heap of 'inspirations' books and my notebook, ready to record new ideas for next year. I wish all those who have purchased items from me this year and all those who have supported the start of Betty's Bubble this year a very Happy Christmas.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Donkey Sanctuary Craft Fair

I spent a lovely day at the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary Craft Fair at the end of November. Driving to the Sanctuary as the sun came up and then walking in past the donkeys was very special. It's a place where I remember Mum and so I was very pleased to be there. It was great to meet new people too.

Cowslip Christmas Fair

I was so very pleased to be part of the Cowslip Christmas Fair in November. Despite the weather, it was a great weekend. I'm thrilled that some of my handmade items will be opened in Australia and in America this Christmas!